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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011---> Sushi,Snow, and Shopping

Salam Alaikum and hey everyone its been a while since my last post, it was "so 2010" lol. But, here I am new year, new university, and in a few months new age as well (THE BIG 20!! o_O!!)

So how did my new year start off? Well I moved into my new dorm at at my new university and hated it from first sight. It resembled something Chucky was raised in. So after stuffing my clothes in the inadequate space given and sinking into misery that I would have to pull out all my hijabs every morning before I get dressed, which would make me late because I need time to fix my coffee, which would leave me grouchy in class,which would lead to a decline in friends becasue I would have this expression on my face which is similar to misery....bottom line, disorganization of hijabs would lead to a decline in social life. Now do you see my dilema. So I sat on my bed watching reruns of The Game and sinking into a sea of misery....for about 15 minutes and then a friend of mine called and that was the ned of my "not so social" life in this new university. I spent what was supposed to be a good lunch a hookah time evolved into three days of being snowed in with a bunch of crazy girls and an incredible time. So here's to Spring Semester 2011 and many more adventures to come :)

P.S I miss my girls back in Katzenbach but *wink you'll be seeing me sooner than you think!