Sound of Music

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So today I met this guy who went to the exact same school as I in Egypt and we never met each other. Amazing all theses years later (with the aid of facebook) I've met someone who I probably never gave a second glance at during middle school. Amazing and scary how small this world truly is. Wow. Well I've decided to get my belly pierced this weekend. The idea is there solid in my head and I'm going to get it done. That it. I mean I'm looking at it from this perspective. No one is going to see it (only Allah i know). But generally the only person who will see it eventually is my potential husband. So its decided. My belly will be pierced by this time next week. I mean you never know what is around the corner. Last week I was this only child dealing with the aftermath of a cold and trying to figure out what kind of camera I wanted. A week later I am a biological daughter to a woman who tells me she loves me after the end of every phone call. Sadly I cannot whole heartily return the saying because I haven't reached that point yet. I can't tell my biological mother that i love her. I mean I don't hate her, I have a mutual respect for because bottom line is she is my mother. But I love my mommy. The woman who is always reminding me to pray and remember Allah. The one who would rub my back whenever I didn't feel well. The one who I ran out with in the middle of the night in Cairo to buy a big fat gigantic cake because she though it looked good. The one who always tells me to be cautious about my Facebook pictures even though I try to ignore her but she's right. The one who held me tight on my graduation and brought me a purple orchid corsage( my favorite flower and color). The woman who I wish I could end up half as amazing. Yep that the mother I love. My mom. My mommy.

So who saw Nicki Menaji's new video "Right Thru Me". Frankly I can't stand the @($@$( but the guy in the video.....................xoxox