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Friday, August 13, 2010

Starving and Somber

So it's Ramadan!!! Whopp I really love this holiday,despite the whole empty pit in my stomach and everything in sight looking relish I'm just glad to be able to appreciate what I do have.on a more somber note I just found out a schoolmate of mine died in a trtic car crash. It's funny how I wasn't even friends with the person however it pulled a string of emotion when I heard the's just shocking how little life this girl lived and it's like she was living her last days of her life.i just wish her family and friends peace and the same for her soul. Now on a brighter note.....two more weeks!!!!and it will all be comin together.this is a short post because I feel a hungry coma coming on and I'm ready to fall into it! :) RAMADAN KAREEM YA GAMAH!!!!!


  1. Wow, the news of a schoolmate dying would be SO shocking--especially because you've just graduated too, huh?

    Anyways, Ramadan Mubarak!