Sound of Music

Thursday, August 19, 2010

***The Eid List***

Ok Its almost day 10 of Ramadan and I want to dream a little bit like I'm that little girl waking up on Eid morning to warm croissants in the stove and my mom waking me up.The excitement growing as I run to a pile of goodies(I remember my first goodie basket from Bath and Body,I thought I had died and gone to sugary sparkly lotion heaven).Oh how so many years have passed.Now I wake up to more people in the house ready to steal those awesome eid croissants and having to wake up earlier because *gasp! my only goody is an awesome Eid outfit :) well here's to Eid and many more to come inshallah:


Ok I would look very cute in that. I might even get off for speeding if I was in it too. The parents have one so why not me?Lets continue the family legacy eh?(my family laughed when they heard this line and directed to public transportation.*sigh)

2.Purple Manolo Blahnik's

Everyone drool with me please.enough said


I've always wanted to go.either that or Dubai.

4. Bvlgari
I want this to be engagement ring.No diamonds,no gold,just a plain platinum Bvalgari that too much to ask(yes hijabinista it is...)

5. You know all of theses things are awesome and would light up my eyes if they were in a small glittering pile on Eid morning however.....
1.I want to enjoy my freshman year to the fullest.
2.I want to learn Ukrainian from my new roommate(isn't that AWESOME!!!!)
3.I want to cook a dish without burning my residence hall down(um if you see that on the news my whole identity is totally exposed)
4. I want to stay true to myself
5.I want to stay true to my dean and treat others as I would want to be treated because all the glittery things are nice but the things that glitter the most in life are those who love you the most <3>
P.S everyone has been putting me to shame with their gawjus blogs so I'm experimenting and finding one that works for me.wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reality's Reality and Fake is fake! :O

First week of Ramadan is over!Whoa time has definetly flown past pretty fast. Only a few more teensy weensy days untill COLLEGE hijabinista emerges:) SO...Sunday I watched Big Brother (obvi. i had nothing better to watch or this fast is really going to my head.).All I can say is these two shows are horrible excuses of entertainment. For example there's the whole Rachel and Brendon relationship( thank god she was voted out because I think my eyes would've rolled out of my head from listening to her ridiculous remarks.) Ok so Rachel and Brendon have fallen deeply,madly,passionatly,possesively,in love in a matter of.....30 days.30 DAYS! By day 30 these two individuals are totally ready to dedicate themselves to each other and claim to be each anothers soulmates.They validate this union by shoving each others toungue down their throats or throwing immature hissy fits with each other followed by yet another nauseating makeout session where cameras are VOILA! present. Give me a break. The only reason they've been dilillusionized with love is because well there's no one else around.I give them two hours in the real world.The point I'm making is BS you see on reality tv isn't reality.Its..well..BS. On that note whats up with all the sillicone implants?It seems like everywhere I turn around people *cough women are getting body parts enlarged to massive sizes. Has anyone noticed the increase in butt implants? I hate it when I see some women espcially when I go to Victoria's secrect(nothing against the store,I luv it there) and you can see these women who are obviously way too small for their own boobs!!! lolololololol no but seriously you'll find an A cupper who thought a nice 34B wasn't enough so she's implanted all this silicone to make DD's that are obviously weighing her down. I'm not against plastic surgery,only if you need it like breast cancer survivors, if you've had an accident, birth defect, etc. But just purposly going out and blowing up your body beyind porportion and punishing the rest of us in the world with having to see that almost everyday..DONT DO IT!I'M ALREADY SUFFERING FROM WATCHING CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS!!! .............................;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Starving and Somber

So it's Ramadan!!! Whopp I really love this holiday,despite the whole empty pit in my stomach and everything in sight looking relish I'm just glad to be able to appreciate what I do have.on a more somber note I just found out a schoolmate of mine died in a trtic car crash. It's funny how I wasn't even friends with the person however it pulled a string of emotion when I heard the's just shocking how little life this girl lived and it's like she was living her last days of her life.i just wish her family and friends peace and the same for her soul. Now on a brighter note.....two more weeks!!!!and it will all be comin together.this is a short post because I feel a hungry coma coming on and I'm ready to fall into it! :) RAMADAN KAREEM YA GAMAH!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sex and the Sahara

SSo recently I saw Sex and the City 2.I've never really been a fan because it's not really my generation but I said oh well why not.well I hated seriously.why would I spend two hours of my life watching pre-menopausal women chase after sex like a bunch of wild dogs.I had to silently vomit in my mouth watching what's her name,Samantha go at it like a sex starved teenager except she didn't look good,(THEY ARE SO FREAKING OLD AND WRINKLY!!!!) and neither did any if the guys.and the way they represented the middle east and the women was ridiculous.They portrayed them as women who were shunned away from all the sex and fun the girls were used to.bottom line is I rather be throwing flirty glances from my khol lined eyes at the local emirates than to walk around hormonal and ready to screw anything that has something between his's so sad how sex has been reverted to such a barbaric act these days.I know your probably thinking what does this virgin know about sex?she's never had it! True but I'm smart enough to know it's definetly not what's shown on these screens.where is the passion?where are those oh so secrect glances where you're the only two people in the room who know exactly what and who is going to be happening later.if sex is all about literally jumping on the first thing you see then I'm more than happy I'm waiting untill I get married. Oh and the whole part about the burqa, even though I can't see a future where I would wear one I have to applaud the women that do and totally rock it.I saw this niqabi a few days ago and after envying what looked like a Berkin I couldn't help but beam in pride as she walked through the international terminals of the airport with her robes billowing behind her.As she sent me a warm smile and a wiggle of her gold and diamond encrusted fingers (I think chophard) I was like you go girl your sexy and fierce in your own way, you have about four guys ahead of you carrying all of your gucci carry ons and hey since no one can see what you have underneath you could just be in all La Senza! Now that is Sex and the City ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yay!Its all winding down.Only a few more weeks and yours truly is a free and legal COLLEGE STUDENT!!*sigh. I absolutely cannot wait. Tomorrow is the big day.I find out who my lucky roommate will be. I'm not a picky person because generally I get along with everyone but there are just some things I can't deal with. Seriously if this is you lets just hope WE aren't roommates.....

1. Waking up early in the morning pulling the shades back and saying"ISN'T IT JUST A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!!HELLO WORLD!!!"

I'm in the background still in bed telling you to shut the #$%^$%#@ up and flashing you a very flashy finger. haha no I'm not an extremely grouchy person but honestly I'm not a morning person. I'm not even a sunny weather person either. When I see thunderstorms I smile and think WHAT AN AWESOME DAY ITS GOING TO BE!!!(the day I was born there was a really bad thunderstorm so go figure!).Anyways my point is oh potential roomie please don't scream from the mountain tops in the morning like we're in a parody of the Sound of Music.Just say good morning or Salam Alaikum,open the shades just a shimdged and all will be well.Thank You.

2. The roommate who has everything in that sickly "Its a girl" pink.

Don't get me wrong.I love Pink.Especially when its in the form of a bombshell bra and knicker set then yes I definitely love Pink (I <3>3. The roommate who gives me the "isn't that haram" look.
I can't stand those witches because half of the time they're out doing something sneaky and shitty. Look don't aggravate me because I eat with my left hand(I'm a lefty,get over it, Allah did) or I'm a second late making Asr prayer.DO NOT JUDGE ME! Because I know you're that hijabi who's the immans daughter yet when he finds out what's on your face book profile he's sending you straight to Yemen.( for all of you in my area that's basically boot camp for he ones that get caught slipping...hehehe)

4.The roommate that never goes out AND is all about her studies
My motto is there is a time for work and a time for play.Don't kill yourself doing too much of one.

5.Nosy roommate
I'd never have a blog again because me and her would go at it and of course I WOULD WIN!!!!

6.Nasty Roommate

OMG I had the pleasure while I was at orientation to walk into a shower stall and find a used sanitary napkin STRAIGHT DEAD ON THE SHOWER FLOOR!!!!!!
For the love of god or whatever you worship don't do that!!ew ew nasty nasty cooties cooties for sure! I mean I can deal with a "organized messy" roommate because I'm the same way.But nasty with food a rodents crawling around.No,no,NO we will definitely have problems if that is YOU!

7.The NUDE roommate
Ok have you always noticed whenever there is a group of girls there is ALWAYS one who believes that she is sooo fine that even us females have to be blessed with watching her walk around practically STARK NAKED!I mean I'm down for wearing shorts and a tank while I'm in my dorm room area and stuff but I'm not stepping out the shower and prancing around the halls in my birthday suit.No Thanks I have my own boobs to look at if it's that serious. And the only thing I want to see closed with nothing on is a guy!

Well I'm sure that tomorrows roommate assignment will be all good insha.until then :)!!!!!!!!!!!!