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Monday, December 20, 2010

Its finals time....

SO this is my brain right now six hours away from my Politcla Theory Final Paper Dealine...


In translation: Thoroughly confused

On a better note, I met my sister Saturday!!!!!

The meeting was monumental. It was everything I dreamed of in the midst of my favorite city in the world (NYC!!) and the backdrop consisted of H&M and Macy's and the whole hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers ad right there walking up to me is my sister :)

Awesome, awesome, awesomenessss!( i know not a word)
 well back to this paper ..................

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year, New Leaves

The tenth day of this sacred month, Muharram is known as Aashoorah. It is one of the most important and blessed days of Allah in the Islaamic calendar. Some ulamaa (scholars) are of the opinion that before the fasts of Ramadhaan were made compulsory, the fast of the day of Aashoorah was compulsory upon the ummah. This is stated in a hadeeth reported by Aaishah radhiyallahu anha that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered the observance of the fast of Aashoorah. However, when the fast of Ramadhaan became compulsory, then whosoever wished, kept this fast and whosoever desired did not observe this fast. Bukhari Vol.1 Page 268

Inshallah tomorrow or oops I mean today in a few hours i will be fasting the last few days of Muharam. So I've decided to put my facebook on hold, ipod on mute, and Media Takeout away from my daily browsing history. And instead of wasting lengths of time watching old films and tv shows that remind me of the past when days were simpler, I'm going to focus on these finals so that my future is simpler as well. Wish me luck inshallah and Happy Fasting to everyone as well.

Its a Shame

Watch the First two videos below. What in the world is this world coming to. Seriously.

Thats a shame.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wickedness and my boys Mike& Ike

So now that I've found some time I decided to upload some pictures!!!! Lol I love to take pictures my friends know me well :). SO of course I have Mike and Ike's because they are awesome study snacks just make sure to brush your teeth afterward :) AS for the outfits, my university held a "MSA's Next Top Model" last week so these were my two outfits. The teal top has the cutest bow in the back and even though the back is open you can top it with anything underneath so its all good. Its "hijabi friendly" because it comes down to the knees and fashionista friendly because you can literally layer it with anything. The heels were rocked with black skinny's and my favorite part is hands down the earrings!!!! I love how they go with the scarf and almost everything else in my kaleidescope wardrobe. As for my little black dress since I could do a non-hajabi outfit I did rock this mini with nothing else but the accessories but it can work with a hijab as well. At a later event I threw on the top as well which has a really nice lacework going on in the back and my black skinnys and and my favorite Tahari heels. Accesories props to Forever 21. They have good stuff which is usually the same stuff you find in Express but at a way better price( even though I am an Express junkie as well. And there you have it I hope to be able to do more fashion post like these soon :)


I did it!!!!! and a whole lot of other things :)

Yay! So I got my belly piercing Wednesday and it looks awesome :) It was hilarious to have my five other girls crammed into the tiny piercing room all finding hilarious ways to get my mind off of what was about to happen. Did it hurt.Well it was a pinch but I totally recommend it for anyone just make sure you go to an incredibly sterile place and make sure they have the proper qualifications. So the first semester is wrapping up and I've done a lot. My perspective of so many things have changed and as much I as I want to go to detail I have a final paper to get back to. But I wanted to keep you guys posted :)