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Monday, December 20, 2010

Its finals time....

SO this is my brain right now six hours away from my Politcla Theory Final Paper Dealine...


In translation: Thoroughly confused

On a better note, I met my sister Saturday!!!!!

The meeting was monumental. It was everything I dreamed of in the midst of my favorite city in the world (NYC!!) and the backdrop consisted of H&M and Macy's and the whole hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers ad right there walking up to me is my sister :)

Awesome, awesome, awesomenessss!( i know not a word)
 well back to this paper ..................

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year, New Leaves

The tenth day of this sacred month, Muharram is known as Aashoorah. It is one of the most important and blessed days of Allah in the Islaamic calendar. Some ulamaa (scholars) are of the opinion that before the fasts of Ramadhaan were made compulsory, the fast of the day of Aashoorah was compulsory upon the ummah. This is stated in a hadeeth reported by Aaishah radhiyallahu anha that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered the observance of the fast of Aashoorah. However, when the fast of Ramadhaan became compulsory, then whosoever wished, kept this fast and whosoever desired did not observe this fast. Bukhari Vol.1 Page 268

Inshallah tomorrow or oops I mean today in a few hours i will be fasting the last few days of Muharam. So I've decided to put my facebook on hold, ipod on mute, and Media Takeout away from my daily browsing history. And instead of wasting lengths of time watching old films and tv shows that remind me of the past when days were simpler, I'm going to focus on these finals so that my future is simpler as well. Wish me luck inshallah and Happy Fasting to everyone as well.

Its a Shame

Watch the First two videos below. What in the world is this world coming to. Seriously.

Thats a shame.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wickedness and my boys Mike& Ike

So now that I've found some time I decided to upload some pictures!!!! Lol I love to take pictures my friends know me well :). SO of course I have Mike and Ike's because they are awesome study snacks just make sure to brush your teeth afterward :) AS for the outfits, my university held a "MSA's Next Top Model" last week so these were my two outfits. The teal top has the cutest bow in the back and even though the back is open you can top it with anything underneath so its all good. Its "hijabi friendly" because it comes down to the knees and fashionista friendly because you can literally layer it with anything. The heels were rocked with black skinny's and my favorite part is hands down the earrings!!!! I love how they go with the scarf and almost everything else in my kaleidescope wardrobe. As for my little black dress since I could do a non-hajabi outfit I did rock this mini with nothing else but the accessories but it can work with a hijab as well. At a later event I threw on the top as well which has a really nice lacework going on in the back and my black skinnys and and my favorite Tahari heels. Accesories props to Forever 21. They have good stuff which is usually the same stuff you find in Express but at a way better price( even though I am an Express junkie as well. And there you have it I hope to be able to do more fashion post like these soon :)


I did it!!!!! and a whole lot of other things :)

Yay! So I got my belly piercing Wednesday and it looks awesome :) It was hilarious to have my five other girls crammed into the tiny piercing room all finding hilarious ways to get my mind off of what was about to happen. Did it hurt.Well it was a pinch but I totally recommend it for anyone just make sure you go to an incredibly sterile place and make sure they have the proper qualifications. So the first semester is wrapping up and I've done a lot. My perspective of so many things have changed and as much I as I want to go to detail I have a final paper to get back to. But I wanted to keep you guys posted :)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eid Kareem and ENS (Empty Nest Syndrome)

Eid Kareem everyone!!!!!

Sorry so late but yours truly has been busy. Even now I'm avoiding my long awaited expos paper which is due in about hmmmmmm 7 hours. I don't know if the upcoming trip back home for Thanksgiving is distracting me or the other endless issues in my life I would love to solve before New Years. Oh and I could really use sleep. sleep I miss the stuff I really do. Anyways I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life. Which you all know is utterly impossible to figure out because you never will truly know what you want in life. The beautiful thing about being a human and not the other endless things you could have been( like a pencil, wouldn't that just be sad) is that you have the choice to to choose your own path in life. Its just that nagging feeling inside that makes you question whether or not your making the right choices.

Well...... my parents "lets get you engaged"itch has became a full on rash.

Mom: So....has anyone caught your eye
Me: No my eye was never lost
Mom: Laila!!!*(fake name because well I'm not ready to truly identify myself) Come on there is some much of a variety where you are
Me: Are we talking about guys or fruit oooo!!! or Hagen Daz flavors because they are truly lacking coffee flavor here and I absolute..
Mom: Laila, Laila wouldn't you rather be engaged so you have something to look forward to?

So what is there to look forward to? The Great lost of virginity? Or walking across the stage with my degree and a job on the back burner. Seriously I don't see what the fuss is about. I don't know maybe this is part of the empty nest syndrome and theses are the symptoms. Who knows probably after Thanksgiving they won't want me to come back. sigh. Parents


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So today I met this guy who went to the exact same school as I in Egypt and we never met each other. Amazing all theses years later (with the aid of facebook) I've met someone who I probably never gave a second glance at during middle school. Amazing and scary how small this world truly is. Wow. Well I've decided to get my belly pierced this weekend. The idea is there solid in my head and I'm going to get it done. That it. I mean I'm looking at it from this perspective. No one is going to see it (only Allah i know). But generally the only person who will see it eventually is my potential husband. So its decided. My belly will be pierced by this time next week. I mean you never know what is around the corner. Last week I was this only child dealing with the aftermath of a cold and trying to figure out what kind of camera I wanted. A week later I am a biological daughter to a woman who tells me she loves me after the end of every phone call. Sadly I cannot whole heartily return the saying because I haven't reached that point yet. I can't tell my biological mother that i love her. I mean I don't hate her, I have a mutual respect for because bottom line is she is my mother. But I love my mommy. The woman who is always reminding me to pray and remember Allah. The one who would rub my back whenever I didn't feel well. The one who I ran out with in the middle of the night in Cairo to buy a big fat gigantic cake because she though it looked good. The one who always tells me to be cautious about my Facebook pictures even though I try to ignore her but she's right. The one who held me tight on my graduation and brought me a purple orchid corsage( my favorite flower and color). The woman who I wish I could end up half as amazing. Yep that the mother I love. My mom. My mommy.

So who saw Nicki Menaji's new video "Right Thru Me". Frankly I can't stand the @($@$( but the guy in the video.....................xoxox

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I don't know.

I have no idea how to feel. Last week I went to sleep an only child. I go to bed this morning as the second eldest of eight siblings. I have a brother that is three years old. I have seven other individuals that are going to look up to me. Seven individuals who might want to model their lives after me ( I don't mean this in a vain way I'm talking hypothetically). I can't afford to make anymore mistakes or live life carelessly. I have brothers and sisters out there. I'm in shock. I'm grateful for everything I have and I want more. I want to be successful. Before I don't know I never thought about my existence actually impacting someones life but now I don't know. I'm in so much shock. Wow Allah works in mysterious ways. I was the only child to be adopted and mashallah the only muslim as well. Allah has a plan for me. There is a reason for everything. So I'm taking a pledge to be a better muslim inshallah. I want to become closer to Rabinah because this has just been the biggest miracle in my life and proof that Allah truly looks out for you. I'm at a place I don't know. I'm in shock. I'm numb. I'm scared. I'm hopeful. I'm emotional. I'm stuck. I'm amazed. i'm alive. Alive. Alive. I've lived. I've survived. I will make it.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today a prayer was answered.
Today, I was blessed to learn that I am a younger and older sister.

I might have sisters.

And my biological mother.

Is alive.

Al- Humdililah.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Please look at my intellect not my ass. Thank You.

So I had to take this Women's Empowerment course this semester. First thought. Crap. I don't want to take this. I really didn't. I mean I've never been the whole feminist empowerment lets go hit those men over the head type. There are certain issues like education and the role of women in the job force that I have several strong opinions about but overall I'm fine. A guy is more than welcome to pay the bill. Yes he may buy me everything that glitters and put in me in a decent house. Thats not greed. Its common sense. Anyways over the past few weeks that class I once considered silly has slowly crept up on me and *sigh its grown on me. I actually *GASP* enjoy the class. I think what has happen is that the message of what feminism is, is changing. No its not about burning your bras and letting your underarm hair grow ( but if that is your thing then go right ahead). No its about demanding and having respect from society while at the same time being you, a woman.

So the other day we watched "Telephone" by Lady Gaga



WITW (What in the world)

I mean seriously. This is the women that practically half or our nations adolescents look up to. A crazy woman in raw meat outfits parading around in the "Pussy Wagon". What kind of message does this get out into the world? I'm not some sort of prude believe me far from it but seriously are there are still artists out there who can give the public their does of sexy yet have a message at the same time. Look at Rihanna. Her song with Emmenim "Love the Way you Lie" Brilliant. First of all Megan Fox is in the video and she's hot. No joke. She is, its like a fact whether your male or female your can't deny she does posses the hot factor. Anyways Rihanna got the message ac cross while at the same time showing off her awesome legs for all of those people who couldn't live without seeing that sexy side of her. Overall I think her stuff is pretty good and at the same time she manages to retain some of her dignity. Lady Gaga on the other hand I don't get. I mena WHAT MESSAGE IS SHE GETTING OUT INTO THE WORLD!!!I mean I understand she has stood up for the LGBT community and I respect her for that. But other than that what has she really done? This woman is financially solid. What charities has she donated to? Why isn't she working for the United Nations Ambassador coalition? Why isn't she using her platform of influence and power in the world for a broader cause? In fact what is the point of Lady Gaga being present in the pop music world because as we all have seen from Willow Smith a ten year old could do this. I don't know. Lady Gaga pisses me off. period.

On to another topic....

He is a IDF solider and basically spoke at a university nearby to me. He claims that Israel's military notions are for a better Israel and Palestine. As a Baudouin Muslim AND solider in the Israeli army her is a "reformed Muslim"

Give me a fucking break.

Reformed Muslim my ass, please excuse my Arabic.The Israeli government has no interest in seeing an independently run ARAB Palestinian state. They have tried to pass a referendum to force at least 20% of the ARAB population residing or should I say captive in Israel to swear sovereignty to Israel and recognize it as a Jewish state. Its a Zionist state and of course Zionist run the world.Get used to it. Anyways it just infuriates me how this government can get away with stealing people homes and separating them from their own families. The crap going on in Iraq and the United States reason for invading is nothing compared to the genocide, yes I said genocide occurring in Palestine. It is a genocide when you cluster people in areas and deny them access to export and import goods. Its genocide when you steal their land, their sovereignty and then cry murder when Hamas retaliates. I'm am no supporter of terrorism don't get me wrong. I fully believe in fact that Bin Laden isn't a true Muslim and he is going to hell. Right along with Israeli politicians who have tried to eradicated Palestinians. Along with Bush who set up this country for decades of debt and woe for this stupid war in Iraq. I support my troops but this ha been carried on for way too long. Anyways this soldiers presence angered me and here I had to blab out on my blog. From feminism to politics. You never know what to expect with me. xoxoxo

Monday, October 25, 2010

Short and sweeter...

Allah is testing me right now. Inshallah I hope all my issues work out. Instead of worrying about what the future holds I'm going to go shopping tomorrow, after I've finished 3 of my papers, to look for an awesome outfit to go the this charity hookah lounge event on Wednesday which I will still go to without skipping class because its just hookah. Not a grade. But And I am going to enjoy it and forget about the future. I need to live it out now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My lemonade is a little sour right now

So I'm currently experiencing the "college bum out phase". Its a period you go through where you sit down and think "How the hell did I get here oh and everyone is so much smarter than me".Side effects also include random crying sessions and the ice cream at the dinning hall becomes magically becomes the next best thing to coffee Hagen Daz. So I had to drop a math course. Failed the midterm and it was the worst grade I've ever made in my life. Literally. Not trying to sound like I'm a genius or anything but I've never done that bad. So I hop on the campus bus and mentality vow not to cry so I start listening to "Lemonade-Gucci Mane' because well that song is just stupid.period. Well the not cry thing last until I get off the bus and I walk down the main path through our campus bawling( glancing down at my phone pretending to text though whenever people pass by, I don't do public outbursts.) It also happened to be the day when my side of the hall was experiencing a "WE ALL ARE FREAKING HAPPY DAY". So I had to escape to my room and do the ugly cry. That including frantically cleaning my room because I clean when I'm upset.and organize my scarves :). Basically by the end of the day I've realized that first I didn't need the math course and my umi (who is the bomb) reassured me that it would better to drop the course than fail and really butcher my GPA. So here I am. Still bummed though. I miss kindergarten. All you had to do was play nice and eat a cookie. Life.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Spazzed out on a stalker, 7-12 page Political Theory Essay but I just stare at the screen......#%%#$^%$#!!!


You probably won't meet a real one until you hit thirty.But by then they've already spent a whole lifetime perving after other women so what's the point. Sorry but today will be a negative post. An extremely negative post.

What is women ran the world?No I mean seriously not that bullshit with Wonder Woman wearing an outfit two sizes too small or sitting around singing "Girl Power" crap because personally I can't stand that stuff.(I dropped out of Girls Scouts if thats no surprise). What if Saudi was ruled by a queen? Would she sit around and let everyone in the world rob her of her riches or hold it as collateral until she got what she wanted. What if the guys at my college had to take "Men's Leadership" classes instead. Would the class teach them respect,dignity, and honor or would another jackass stand up there and talk about last weeks football game. What if Charlie Brown had been a girl?Well it would have taken over 40 years to kick the damm football. What if it was Alpha "female" instead of alpha male. Wait what does that even mean anyways? The king of fools? Or the fool is a king?

So a few days ago I had to cuss out this erratic Jordanian stalker guy who felt it was his birthright to follow a friend of mine around and pursue after her as if she was the last piece of meat on Earth. The piss taking fact is that as I stood there screaming chaotically at this complete waste of space (yes I said it and yes I meant it), you have these men who could knock me down with a sneeze watching me act like a complete lunatic. Oh yes I despise men. I despise them down to their screwed up chromosomes because at the end of the day they surprise you with conversations you'd never thought you have again( an old friend of mine had a complete convo with me a few days ago and it was relieving that yes, he's grown up, my work is done).

Its kind of crazy. We're living in a world with this big 'ol love/hate dynamic thing going on. If only I stopped meeting all the ones I hate.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Short and Sweet

Had a busy night so very short post.Check out this artist "Feroz". Really good and original sound.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I told someone I didn't wan to wear white to my wedding,*gasp was the answer

So I don't know why but a little idea has been running in my head for a while. The idea consists of twelve hour flight accompanied by endless trips to the governmental building to renew a student visa and paying tuition at The American University of Cairo and managing the finances of a flat while remaining um tempted to throw a flat party because well no one is there to tell you not to.Yep.I'm thinking about moving back to Egypt. Don't get me wrong I love it here.Really I'm enjoying college and so far everything is working out the way at least I think Allah wants it.Its just something is missing.It been missing for a while.My freedom.I remember days when I could leave the house and venture out to the souk behind our apartment building and stroll the streets watching the locals go about their daily routines. I remember my last day in Cairo how I purposely got on a random bus and got lost just to enjoy that feeling of I don't know being apart of a bigger dynamic in the world. I hearing the ahdan sooooooo much wallahi.Wow it is the most beautiful thing to wake up for fagr with 5 different mosques surrounding your apartment building calling the ahdan at different pitches at different times which are only about a second off. Ramadan is nothing like here.Over there you don't just go through Ramadan you LIVE Ramadan.Also once you get over the whole pollution and other random crap we Westerners overemphasize about because we're just that dam spoiled, you might be blessed with the view of the pyramids right from your balcony window. Or waking up at 2 AM and hearing shouts of awe from all of the people in your building because its beginning to rain(which happens like once or twice a year lol) and the minute you open the balcony door and step out on the cold concrete a bolt of diamond white lightning streaks the pitch blue sky in front of you and you stand looking in awe half out of fear and amazement. I feel bad I haven't had these moments here in my own country of USA.I mean I will always love NYC(lol another clue towards my location :).I don't just love this city I fucking obsess about it. This place always sends this rush of excitement whenever I'm walking through the African Marts on 116th of gazing up at the powerful yet intimidating buildings down near Wall Street. When I was a little girl I wanted to be the princess of New York City, and no not in that vain Gossip Girl way no I wanted to be powerful enough one day to share the love this city has brought to me back to its people. If falling in love was is powerful as it has been with theses places then it is unimaginable what this heart can handle. So we'll see. I'll fill out an application today. I'll also fill out on for NYU AD. Allah has guided me well so far, I'm always anticipating what is next.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Playlist of Life

Whoa two posts in two days lucky me :) Well yesterday I'm eating dinner with my girls and suddenly "Sk8ter Boi" by Avril Lavinge comes on and we all give each other theses looks like "AHH I remember this song!!" I remember this song when I was at that awkward stage where I could no longer play with the boys and words like"period",PMS, period,hijab(even though it took me a while to completely cover),and just the terrible thirteens or twelves rolled through my life. But yes I remember this song. So here is my current playlist of life, what is rolling around in my ipod......

1. Pursuit of Happiness- Kid Cudi
Ok I'm sorry whoever this offends but this is my straight up shisha song. And my rainy day song I love the tone and everything.It just reminds me of that fuzzy area throughout senior year in high school when I realized this is it I'm off to bigger.harder, and inshallah better things :)

2.Teenage Dream-Katy Perry
I >

3. Down on Me- Jerimih ft 50 cent
LOL this song cracks me up because a good friend of mine that I've met here at uni and I guess learning first that she's lived in Saudi for the past three years I would have never imagined she would know music like this. But you can't judge a girl by her zip code ;) This reminds all of the awesome things I've done her so far at uni and the more to come :)

4. Again- Bruno Mars and Natasha Bedingfield
This song is beautiful. It is unique(finally) and it brings tears to my eyes. This song reminds me of all the things I've wanted to say to people(the good things) and just never did.If I could I would do it again.

5.Ah we Nous- Nancy Agram
Ok so this reminds me of Egypt straight up, yes I lived there a while and wow "mafeesh haga teegi kida ida habibi kida?" :) I love it there.

6. Apologize- One Republic
And this one reminds me of all the apologies I meant to give but never did. This song also reminds me to never live with regrets. Do and say what you can today because tomorrow is never promised. ie------> THIS BLOG!

7.Only Girl in the World-Rihanna
Finally this girl comes out with something that wont depress us anymore :) This song is my life right now. More to come later........

8. About a Girl-Sugagbabes
this song reminds me of the first time I scored a goal for my football(soccer) team in middle school. Even though it came out years later this is the feeling I get when I listen to it,awesomeness...

ahh my friend is here for our weekly meet up, she's a pre-med so her time is very limited :( until next time xoxoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, September 26, 2010

They call it maturity, I call it I'm developing a character

One month of college alredy done. Wow I can't believe how time has passed already. Well I'm finally adjusted to the whole college life thing. I definetly had to organize what nights I'll stay out late and which ones are meant for studying and SLEEP( *note to high schoolers reading this, if you think you don't think you get enough sleep now wait until you get to college.) Another love that I have aquired is Bubble Tea. This ish is fabulous! I am a proud bubble tea addict. AS for college life I've gotten used to the dinning hall (fyi my uni has some awesome food, smoothie bar, organic salads, vegetarian options. take out, and the best of all....HALAL FOOD!), gotten used to the drunk people that roam around looking really lost on Friday nights, and the school work load. All of my classes have enourmous amounts of reading that I've had to get used to but overall I'll make it. Right? Okay now to the juicier and more random stuff in my life. So yesterday I ordered "The Almond" by Nedjma. Ok I had no idea that it was this erotic/confessional/autobiography of a muslim woman, someone had told me to read it. SO has anyone else read this book? Seriously oh and don't give me those *gasp looks "OMG you ordered erotica!!!". No, correction I ordered a book that is somewhat like my blog, a confessional however it isn't PG-13 and her focus is her sexual awakening while mine is about my life so far. So I should be getting this book by Tuesday and I will keep you all posted. Ah and my parents are getting what I call the "engagement itch". Ok maybe way more my mom than my dad. My dad would love me to lock myself away to some muslim convenant and never get mearried. That way his little girl will never grow up. My mom on the other hand would like to see her grandkids and have a reason to fill the photo frames we've had for ages. And I...........whoa don't want to be married, enagaged or anything of the sense right now. Um hello I'm just getting used to taking care of my own behind and it tires me out. I don't think I am stable enough to have to care for someone elses. And plus I'm way too much of a independent mind. Seriously I feel sorry who becomes "smitten" with me already because I have alot of faults and have no goals in the future to change that.

1: I don't cook

No seriously I don't go into a kitchen and VOILA!!!! wonderful rich and hearty cooked meal. No I go into the kitchen and the fire department comes over for their annual visit. Potential husband would have to be willing to cook. My choices have been narrowed to about a quarter of the elgible bachelors out there( they're chefs)

2: I'm not a gushy awww romantic type

Really. I'm not.I laughed through The Notebook. I cussed out Rose for being wimpy and weak and letting Jack die instead ( he was hot) in Titanic. My guy would have to dig deep down and find something that will spring a cord or jilt of "awww" into my non-romantic nerves because all the flowers and chocolate stuff does not work on me. I've narrowed my choices down to 30 men out of that quarter.( because nowadays all guys have to do is say a line from Twilight and voila they get the girl)

3:Umm i'm not having more than three kids, oh and they won't be "honey-moon" night kids either

Yh I love how guys want to have big families and all but um no. No,no,no,no,no my body my choice. The day that men know how much pain goes on down there from your first period until menopause then they can have all the kids they want. Plus once you have a kid in the realtionship you dont have that time anyomre to know each other. No honeymoon kids. Lets await 2 years or so. My choices have narrowed down to 3( Beacuase the rest of theses guys had mothers who wanted grandchildren by the time the wedding reception came around.)

4: I want to work

Why am I in college? Why would I have stressed myself out over SATS, scholarships, FAFSA, dorm life, books, tuition, ....and dthe list goes on. Only to sit up in the house all day and drink shai (tea) and look after my kids. No.absoluty not. Daycares need business and I'm willing to give it to them. We will both work. My husband and I. My college education will not only be good for a pretty diploma that will reside next to his Masters and PHD. Nope, not over my dead body.

My choices have narrowed down to one guy.(Because men have this whole ego thing where they wan to be the breadwinners in the family, no prob. keep doing that and what I earn will got to the SUPER FANTABULOUS LOVE IT LOVE IT SHOE FUND,...I'm joking i wouldn't do that lol :))

WHAT!!!THere is one guy left!SO there is hope for me! Oh inshallah I do hope there is that one guy out there who can get over my issues and loves me :) well now off to some way over-do homework :

FYI I'm loving these two songs....

Like a G6- of Far East Movement
Only Girl in the World- Rihanna :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Life does things to you.....

Wow its been awhile since my last post.College is......dsjkfsd;kfhs; exactly I cannot pinpoint a specific word to describe this place.I truly believe I'm coming into this place as a girl and I will definitely leave as a woman. So with a few minutes to spare until my next class I guess I'll look back on the past week and a half. So I moved in on the weekend.I was so apprehensive and nervous about meeting my roommate because after checking her Facebook profile I was convinced we would have absolutely nothing in common(blah).And I was right.My Liberal Artsy save the world do your dam thing mind had nothing in common with my oxford studier Ukrainian Ballerina Performing Arts Yoga loving Hummus addict roommate.(I do like hummus though).But.....IT WAS OK!Omg we have learned so much from each other its crazy.I'm so glad I get to introduce her to my culture and Islam and that I'm learning so much about Ukraine and the things she's interested in.So roommate situation is all good :).The dorm rooms....well I'm glad I left half of my hijab collection back home because I barely could fit them in the five drawers in my bureau.Even though its a little cramped I will survive.I'm in an all womens dorm( yh because I was totally jumping out of my seat to be in a co-ed one) however we still have maintenance men and other girls who bring their "boyfriends" or "boys" who happen to be "friends" by to see their dorm and residential hall( which I personally think is lame because they all look the same but hey what do I know).So every morning I play shower Olympics and try to navigate my way past the maintenance men and other floating guys without losing my towel or shampoo.ahh what fun.The biggest blessing is that I've found 5 other muslimah's on my floor(AWESOMENESS!!!!) and we look ridiculously cute in our little prayer outfits for taraweh and when we wake up sleepy eyed for suhur.Al humdiilah thats been a blessing. So have I done anything crazy yet??I don't think so. Well if shisha in the gazebo in front of our residence hall doesn't count then yes I have been a good college girl. Well professor is here, hope I can update more later ................xoxox

Thursday, August 19, 2010

***The Eid List***

Ok Its almost day 10 of Ramadan and I want to dream a little bit like I'm that little girl waking up on Eid morning to warm croissants in the stove and my mom waking me up.The excitement growing as I run to a pile of goodies(I remember my first goodie basket from Bath and Body,I thought I had died and gone to sugary sparkly lotion heaven).Oh how so many years have passed.Now I wake up to more people in the house ready to steal those awesome eid croissants and having to wake up earlier because *gasp! my only goody is an awesome Eid outfit :) well here's to Eid and many more to come inshallah:


Ok I would look very cute in that. I might even get off for speeding if I was in it too. The parents have one so why not me?Lets continue the family legacy eh?(my family laughed when they heard this line and directed to public transportation.*sigh)

2.Purple Manolo Blahnik's

Everyone drool with me please.enough said


I've always wanted to go.either that or Dubai.

4. Bvlgari
I want this to be engagement ring.No diamonds,no gold,just a plain platinum Bvalgari that too much to ask(yes hijabinista it is...)

5. You know all of theses things are awesome and would light up my eyes if they were in a small glittering pile on Eid morning however.....
1.I want to enjoy my freshman year to the fullest.
2.I want to learn Ukrainian from my new roommate(isn't that AWESOME!!!!)
3.I want to cook a dish without burning my residence hall down(um if you see that on the news my whole identity is totally exposed)
4. I want to stay true to myself
5.I want to stay true to my dean and treat others as I would want to be treated because all the glittery things are nice but the things that glitter the most in life are those who love you the most <3>
P.S everyone has been putting me to shame with their gawjus blogs so I'm experimenting and finding one that works for me.wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reality's Reality and Fake is fake! :O

First week of Ramadan is over!Whoa time has definetly flown past pretty fast. Only a few more teensy weensy days untill COLLEGE hijabinista emerges:) SO...Sunday I watched Big Brother (obvi. i had nothing better to watch or this fast is really going to my head.).All I can say is these two shows are horrible excuses of entertainment. For example there's the whole Rachel and Brendon relationship( thank god she was voted out because I think my eyes would've rolled out of my head from listening to her ridiculous remarks.) Ok so Rachel and Brendon have fallen deeply,madly,passionatly,possesively,in love in a matter of.....30 days.30 DAYS! By day 30 these two individuals are totally ready to dedicate themselves to each other and claim to be each anothers soulmates.They validate this union by shoving each others toungue down their throats or throwing immature hissy fits with each other followed by yet another nauseating makeout session where cameras are VOILA! present. Give me a break. The only reason they've been dilillusionized with love is because well there's no one else around.I give them two hours in the real world.The point I'm making is BS you see on reality tv isn't reality.Its..well..BS. On that note whats up with all the sillicone implants?It seems like everywhere I turn around people *cough women are getting body parts enlarged to massive sizes. Has anyone noticed the increase in butt implants? I hate it when I see some women espcially when I go to Victoria's secrect(nothing against the store,I luv it there) and you can see these women who are obviously way too small for their own boobs!!! lolololololol no but seriously you'll find an A cupper who thought a nice 34B wasn't enough so she's implanted all this silicone to make DD's that are obviously weighing her down. I'm not against plastic surgery,only if you need it like breast cancer survivors, if you've had an accident, birth defect, etc. But just purposly going out and blowing up your body beyind porportion and punishing the rest of us in the world with having to see that almost everyday..DONT DO IT!I'M ALREADY SUFFERING FROM WATCHING CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS!!! .............................;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Starving and Somber

So it's Ramadan!!! Whopp I really love this holiday,despite the whole empty pit in my stomach and everything in sight looking relish I'm just glad to be able to appreciate what I do have.on a more somber note I just found out a schoolmate of mine died in a trtic car crash. It's funny how I wasn't even friends with the person however it pulled a string of emotion when I heard the's just shocking how little life this girl lived and it's like she was living her last days of her life.i just wish her family and friends peace and the same for her soul. Now on a brighter note.....two more weeks!!!!and it will all be comin together.this is a short post because I feel a hungry coma coming on and I'm ready to fall into it! :) RAMADAN KAREEM YA GAMAH!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sex and the Sahara

SSo recently I saw Sex and the City 2.I've never really been a fan because it's not really my generation but I said oh well why not.well I hated seriously.why would I spend two hours of my life watching pre-menopausal women chase after sex like a bunch of wild dogs.I had to silently vomit in my mouth watching what's her name,Samantha go at it like a sex starved teenager except she didn't look good,(THEY ARE SO FREAKING OLD AND WRINKLY!!!!) and neither did any if the guys.and the way they represented the middle east and the women was ridiculous.They portrayed them as women who were shunned away from all the sex and fun the girls were used to.bottom line is I rather be throwing flirty glances from my khol lined eyes at the local emirates than to walk around hormonal and ready to screw anything that has something between his's so sad how sex has been reverted to such a barbaric act these days.I know your probably thinking what does this virgin know about sex?she's never had it! True but I'm smart enough to know it's definetly not what's shown on these screens.where is the passion?where are those oh so secrect glances where you're the only two people in the room who know exactly what and who is going to be happening later.if sex is all about literally jumping on the first thing you see then I'm more than happy I'm waiting untill I get married. Oh and the whole part about the burqa, even though I can't see a future where I would wear one I have to applaud the women that do and totally rock it.I saw this niqabi a few days ago and after envying what looked like a Berkin I couldn't help but beam in pride as she walked through the international terminals of the airport with her robes billowing behind her.As she sent me a warm smile and a wiggle of her gold and diamond encrusted fingers (I think chophard) I was like you go girl your sexy and fierce in your own way, you have about four guys ahead of you carrying all of your gucci carry ons and hey since no one can see what you have underneath you could just be in all La Senza! Now that is Sex and the City ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yay!Its all winding down.Only a few more weeks and yours truly is a free and legal COLLEGE STUDENT!!*sigh. I absolutely cannot wait. Tomorrow is the big day.I find out who my lucky roommate will be. I'm not a picky person because generally I get along with everyone but there are just some things I can't deal with. Seriously if this is you lets just hope WE aren't roommates.....

1. Waking up early in the morning pulling the shades back and saying"ISN'T IT JUST A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!!HELLO WORLD!!!"

I'm in the background still in bed telling you to shut the #$%^$%#@ up and flashing you a very flashy finger. haha no I'm not an extremely grouchy person but honestly I'm not a morning person. I'm not even a sunny weather person either. When I see thunderstorms I smile and think WHAT AN AWESOME DAY ITS GOING TO BE!!!(the day I was born there was a really bad thunderstorm so go figure!).Anyways my point is oh potential roomie please don't scream from the mountain tops in the morning like we're in a parody of the Sound of Music.Just say good morning or Salam Alaikum,open the shades just a shimdged and all will be well.Thank You.

2. The roommate who has everything in that sickly "Its a girl" pink.

Don't get me wrong.I love Pink.Especially when its in the form of a bombshell bra and knicker set then yes I definitely love Pink (I <3>3. The roommate who gives me the "isn't that haram" look.
I can't stand those witches because half of the time they're out doing something sneaky and shitty. Look don't aggravate me because I eat with my left hand(I'm a lefty,get over it, Allah did) or I'm a second late making Asr prayer.DO NOT JUDGE ME! Because I know you're that hijabi who's the immans daughter yet when he finds out what's on your face book profile he's sending you straight to Yemen.( for all of you in my area that's basically boot camp for he ones that get caught slipping...hehehe)

4.The roommate that never goes out AND is all about her studies
My motto is there is a time for work and a time for play.Don't kill yourself doing too much of one.

5.Nosy roommate
I'd never have a blog again because me and her would go at it and of course I WOULD WIN!!!!

6.Nasty Roommate

OMG I had the pleasure while I was at orientation to walk into a shower stall and find a used sanitary napkin STRAIGHT DEAD ON THE SHOWER FLOOR!!!!!!
For the love of god or whatever you worship don't do that!!ew ew nasty nasty cooties cooties for sure! I mean I can deal with a "organized messy" roommate because I'm the same way.But nasty with food a rodents crawling around.No,no,NO we will definitely have problems if that is YOU!

7.The NUDE roommate
Ok have you always noticed whenever there is a group of girls there is ALWAYS one who believes that she is sooo fine that even us females have to be blessed with watching her walk around practically STARK NAKED!I mean I'm down for wearing shorts and a tank while I'm in my dorm room area and stuff but I'm not stepping out the shower and prancing around the halls in my birthday suit.No Thanks I have my own boobs to look at if it's that serious. And the only thing I want to see closed with nothing on is a guy!

Well I'm sure that tomorrows roommate assignment will be all good insha.until then :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


ugggh its been a few days, a few crazy days but none the less...Wow the world is a microscopic place where we are all just within degrees from each other or intertwined in so many various ways. I have no idea how to dwell on that any more its just whats flowing through my mind right now. Anyways I'm full speed ahead with my college dorm room preparations. Still confused about what I have left to buy however my lovable Sony Vaio will be here soon( Mac book who?) and I'll be able to blog more often and fill you in on my progress. Speaking of Mac books I'm so glad I'm such an individual. I mean this whole time I've been thinking and stressing about what laptop to buy everyone has been saying "oh get a Mac book,GET A MAC BOOK" and even though it looks very shiny and awesome like the new toys I would open every Eid all Mac books....LOOK THE SAME.They are all uniformly cut,uniformly functioning,and symmetrical.I mean if someone stole your Mac book in college how could you really tell which one is yours?And God knows I was not born to be a follower. For instance today I went shopping and I stopped at Aeropostale because I'm on a whole brand new me, shopping for new wardrobe thing so I said OK I'll go in try on some shirts and they had the Aero graphic tee's 2 for 15.And I'm standing in the dressing room wearing this tee and thinking what the hell??This isn't individualism!This is me falling for a fashion craze and being like everyone else.I AM NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!I'm a hijabinista and I'm different and not only have I accepted it.I've empowered it. So I walked straight out that store and bought my self an awesome graphic tee( even though the parents will be killing me after they see the AMEX bill) but hey this is to INDIVIDUALISM!!!until next time...:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello All,I have arrived..

So today at exactly 10:42 am I had an awakening.The most beautiful and exhilarating awakening.I finally realized what I'm going to do with my life and how I'm going to get there!Isn't it awesome to have a path with a goal at the end and voila! all you have to do is follow it.You are probably reading this like great here is another blogger junkie who is just purging random thoughts of her young mind into the world wide web.But this awakening is so much more than that.I've finally realized the individual I want to be in this world and do you not know how awesome that feels?Yes you who is frowning right now giving me the whatever eye roll.You're in search of your path as well.I should probably reveal who I am and the ultimate purpose of this blog.Well it is essentially the "Confessions of a Hijabinista"(I love Sophia Kinsella as you can tell) and its my life as I dictate. I'm a high school grad off for my fist year of college and dealing with being a now young woman navigating the world of temptation and trying to be an ideal muslimah!I'm Muslim and I love every minute of it but I'm also human as you will soon find out.I'm from A Town,USA and I'm off to "my parents are giving me hell because it costs so much but I luv it" University in about a month or so. Oh so before I forget here is my "20things list" The 20 things list is all the things that need and I mean a complete MUST be done before my twentieth birthday.They also pertain to the whole "path" in my life right now. So without further delay....

1. Apply and get into NYU AD
2.Get something else pierced.Preferably nose or belly button
3.Update the wardrobe
4.Forget the last 2 years of my life
5.Learn Surah Yasin(yes I want to learn the surh about death.How happy)
6.Exercise exercise.I'm a string bean.How about exercise and gain sufficient weight back with Ben & Jerry.YUM!
8.Maintain at least 3.5 GPA.(Totally obtainable)
9. Study and ignore text messages or facebook alerts that are truly unimportant
11.Shopping Spree in NYC
12. Internship in India
13.Prepare speech for November gala and don't sweat out my dress before speech is given
14.Pass math course
15.Balance my checkbook
16.Give proper Zakat every month
17.Join campus newspaper
18.Get into Ivy League college I want and not the one near home where my parents are pressuring me because frankly...I can't go back there.
19.Keep my hijabs organized hahahah!

20. Find myself this freshman year and through all the craziness and my new found independence and always keep my morals and values close inshallah.(even though I might end up shisha-ing by December.stress reliever)

SO there you have it.Wish me luck?