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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sophmore Se7en

So its finals time. And here I am stressing again. In fact its really disturbing to me. I'm really curious to know where laid back me disappeared off to and who replaced this moody feeling out of place emotional twenty year old. *sigh

So now I sit here and reflect back on my freshman year and here's the run down of what went down:

I went to my dream college
I met the most amazing five girls a girl could ever meet and had the time of my life
but then reality caught up with me.....
I realized due to certain circumstances I couldn't stay at my dream college
I or should I say my birth family found me
I got my belly pierced
Denied the fact I had to leave until the very last day

and transfered back up here

Where I entered a friendship filled with paradoxes
One minute I couldn't be happier where there are other moments I am absolutely disgusted that I'm friends with this person
Moved into the crappiest dorm of my life
Crushed on this one guy for the entire semester and have yet to muster up a smile

( I know I'm perfectly aware there are plenty of people out there who are like "OMG ur a muslima, no eyes down gaze away....etc. etc. But you know what excuse me for actually giving into my feelings once or twice and actually trying to do something about it. I only wanted a decent conversation with this guy, a wave would've left me happy.)

Took some of the crappiest courses which I'm praying to Allah on a daily basis to perform a miracle to get me out alive.
The reality of actually finding my birth family officially hit me and I realized I wasn't happy

So to conclude...

My freshman year taught me a lot. Its shown me what I want in life, how to get itt, and has seriously set me up with different goals for next year inshallah soooo..... here they are:

1. Better living accommodations with a better roommate! :D very excited
2. Courses that I'ma actually interested in
3. I will have one decent conversation with the "guy"
4. No more paradox friendships. I'm cutting some people out of my life
5. Schedule, schedule, schedule
6. Find my birth father
7. GO back to my dream college

There you go those are my Sophomore Se7en.

Wish me luck

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  1. Hehe,good luck waving and talking to "the guy" !!! And good luck in general :)