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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt, revolutionaries of the future

This will be a short post, I want to dedicate this amount of time to the brave and defiant citizens of Egypt.....

I have never been more amazed, I truly wish that Mubarak stands down. After years living in CAiro for several years I think it is only just that its citizens demand and receive the rights that are lawfully theirs. How can one be a president when its own fellow men and women are suffering on a day to day basis from hunger,malnutrition, lack or employment and education. How could a president eat diner at night clearly in knowledge that his own people were starving nationwide. How could a president go to bed at night when there are so many unresolved issues that haven't been resolved. A leader is one who is from the people and represents the people. A leader is one who takes other peoples problems and burdens before his own. A leader is one who makes the ultimate sacrifice of his own pleasures and time in order to dedicate it full to his people. A leader is what is missing in todays society. Even leaders who I personally would believe would exceptionally rule because they are Muslim and there are several lessons about leadership that can be learned from our Prophet Muhammad( peace and blessings be upon him). However this example of exceptionally leadership is given a deaf ear and blind eye. There are no real leaders left in the world. The rich are corrupt and pay their way around laws and jurisdictions. The poor are burdened with he consequences of their actions. Yes, Allah (swt) created all people different and everyone is not given the same amount of wealth. However those who have the wealth have an extra responsibility to make sure the wealth is always used for something that is seen as golden in Allahs eyes. THis wasn't taking place in Egypt.  How can a government that receives almost 1.3 billon dollars from the American government have its citizens living in mud huts next to luxury apartments. THis madness has to stop. And thankfully it has. I really wish I could have been out there protesting with some of the most considerate and compassionate people I've ever met, the Egyptians. Inshallah I hope that Mubarak steps down soon and the Egyptian people can begin rebuilding their country to the way they see fit and deserve.

Here are a couple of pictures of the protesting from my old neighborhood in Cairo
 GO EGYPT!!!!!


  1. we are really worried about our students there, from Malaysia...

  2. Inshallah they're safe and sound and the conflicts will be resolved soon. Thankfully there haven't been any reports of injured or missing foreigners. I'm making dua though for the safety and wellness of everyone :)