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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sex and the Sahara

SSo recently I saw Sex and the City 2.I've never really been a fan because it's not really my generation but I said oh well why not.well I hated seriously.why would I spend two hours of my life watching pre-menopausal women chase after sex like a bunch of wild dogs.I had to silently vomit in my mouth watching what's her name,Samantha go at it like a sex starved teenager except she didn't look good,(THEY ARE SO FREAKING OLD AND WRINKLY!!!!) and neither did any if the guys.and the way they represented the middle east and the women was ridiculous.They portrayed them as women who were shunned away from all the sex and fun the girls were used to.bottom line is I rather be throwing flirty glances from my khol lined eyes at the local emirates than to walk around hormonal and ready to screw anything that has something between his's so sad how sex has been reverted to such a barbaric act these days.I know your probably thinking what does this virgin know about sex?she's never had it! True but I'm smart enough to know it's definetly not what's shown on these screens.where is the passion?where are those oh so secrect glances where you're the only two people in the room who know exactly what and who is going to be happening later.if sex is all about literally jumping on the first thing you see then I'm more than happy I'm waiting untill I get married. Oh and the whole part about the burqa, even though I can't see a future where I would wear one I have to applaud the women that do and totally rock it.I saw this niqabi a few days ago and after envying what looked like a Berkin I couldn't help but beam in pride as she walked through the international terminals of the airport with her robes billowing behind her.As she sent me a warm smile and a wiggle of her gold and diamond encrusted fingers (I think chophard) I was like you go girl your sexy and fierce in your own way, you have about four guys ahead of you carrying all of your gucci carry ons and hey since no one can see what you have underneath you could just be in all La Senza! Now that is Sex and the City ;)


  1. i completely agree with you and your opinions in this post. it was well written too. :)