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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


ugggh its been a few days, a few crazy days but none the less...Wow the world is a microscopic place where we are all just within degrees from each other or intertwined in so many various ways. I have no idea how to dwell on that any more its just whats flowing through my mind right now. Anyways I'm full speed ahead with my college dorm room preparations. Still confused about what I have left to buy however my lovable Sony Vaio will be here soon( Mac book who?) and I'll be able to blog more often and fill you in on my progress. Speaking of Mac books I'm so glad I'm such an individual. I mean this whole time I've been thinking and stressing about what laptop to buy everyone has been saying "oh get a Mac book,GET A MAC BOOK" and even though it looks very shiny and awesome like the new toys I would open every Eid all Mac books....LOOK THE SAME.They are all uniformly cut,uniformly functioning,and symmetrical.I mean if someone stole your Mac book in college how could you really tell which one is yours?And God knows I was not born to be a follower. For instance today I went shopping and I stopped at Aeropostale because I'm on a whole brand new me, shopping for new wardrobe thing so I said OK I'll go in try on some shirts and they had the Aero graphic tee's 2 for 15.And I'm standing in the dressing room wearing this tee and thinking what the hell??This isn't individualism!This is me falling for a fashion craze and being like everyone else.I AM NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!I'm a hijabinista and I'm different and not only have I accepted it.I've empowered it. So I walked straight out that store and bought my self an awesome graphic tee( even though the parents will be killing me after they see the AMEX bill) but hey this is to INDIVIDUALISM!!!until next time...:)


  1. Oh my gosh, when I read your blog, it's like I'm reading a synopsis of MY life.
    We have so many things in common! This is the beginning of a beautiful blogger friendship. :D

  2. awww Thankz!btw I luv ur outfit on your recent post.Inspiring....