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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello All,I have arrived..

So today at exactly 10:42 am I had an awakening.The most beautiful and exhilarating awakening.I finally realized what I'm going to do with my life and how I'm going to get there!Isn't it awesome to have a path with a goal at the end and voila! all you have to do is follow it.You are probably reading this like great here is another blogger junkie who is just purging random thoughts of her young mind into the world wide web.But this awakening is so much more than that.I've finally realized the individual I want to be in this world and do you not know how awesome that feels?Yes you who is frowning right now giving me the whatever eye roll.You're in search of your path as well.I should probably reveal who I am and the ultimate purpose of this blog.Well it is essentially the "Confessions of a Hijabinista"(I love Sophia Kinsella as you can tell) and its my life as I dictate. I'm a high school grad off for my fist year of college and dealing with being a now young woman navigating the world of temptation and trying to be an ideal muslimah!I'm Muslim and I love every minute of it but I'm also human as you will soon find out.I'm from A Town,USA and I'm off to "my parents are giving me hell because it costs so much but I luv it" University in about a month or so. Oh so before I forget here is my "20things list" The 20 things list is all the things that need and I mean a complete MUST be done before my twentieth birthday.They also pertain to the whole "path" in my life right now. So without further delay....

1. Apply and get into NYU AD
2.Get something else pierced.Preferably nose or belly button
3.Update the wardrobe
4.Forget the last 2 years of my life
5.Learn Surah Yasin(yes I want to learn the surh about death.How happy)
6.Exercise exercise.I'm a string bean.How about exercise and gain sufficient weight back with Ben & Jerry.YUM!
8.Maintain at least 3.5 GPA.(Totally obtainable)
9. Study and ignore text messages or facebook alerts that are truly unimportant
11.Shopping Spree in NYC
12. Internship in India
13.Prepare speech for November gala and don't sweat out my dress before speech is given
14.Pass math course
15.Balance my checkbook
16.Give proper Zakat every month
17.Join campus newspaper
18.Get into Ivy League college I want and not the one near home where my parents are pressuring me because frankly...I can't go back there.
19.Keep my hijabs organized hahahah!

20. Find myself this freshman year and through all the craziness and my new found independence and always keep my morals and values close inshallah.(even though I might end up shisha-ing by December.stress reliever)

SO there you have it.Wish me luck?

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