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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not forgotten

Oh dear sweet blog, the vessel of my thoughts don't worry I haven't forgotten you. Not yet. This semester thankfully is almost over. Alot of cramming, red bull, and stressing will be going on but hey this is me we're talking about. I never expect anything better. Just off the phone with my sister. The sister that I just found out about 5 months ago. The sister that falls in line with the seven other siblings that I've learned about. Along with a mother I've never knew outside the womb. And millions of questions about a father who remains faceless. Sometimes I take a step outside my life and look for subtitles or a director yelling"CUT!" because honestly my life seems life something pulled out of a lifetime movie. Well I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still here, still navigating through this wonderful world. As my term comes to an end I hope this gives me more time to write. Writing is the purging of a soul. Purging sometimes can be good for you. Think of it as....a good colon cleansing.



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