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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Yay!Its all winding down.Only a few more weeks and yours truly is a free and legal COLLEGE STUDENT!!*sigh. I absolutely cannot wait. Tomorrow is the big day.I find out who my lucky roommate will be. I'm not a picky person because generally I get along with everyone but there are just some things I can't deal with. Seriously if this is you lets just hope WE aren't roommates.....

1. Waking up early in the morning pulling the shades back and saying"ISN'T IT JUST A BEAUTIFUL MORNING!!!HELLO WORLD!!!"

I'm in the background still in bed telling you to shut the #$%^$%#@ up and flashing you a very flashy finger. haha no I'm not an extremely grouchy person but honestly I'm not a morning person. I'm not even a sunny weather person either. When I see thunderstorms I smile and think WHAT AN AWESOME DAY ITS GOING TO BE!!!(the day I was born there was a really bad thunderstorm so go figure!).Anyways my point is oh potential roomie please don't scream from the mountain tops in the morning like we're in a parody of the Sound of Music.Just say good morning or Salam Alaikum,open the shades just a shimdged and all will be well.Thank You.

2. The roommate who has everything in that sickly "Its a girl" pink.

Don't get me wrong.I love Pink.Especially when its in the form of a bombshell bra and knicker set then yes I definitely love Pink (I <3>3. The roommate who gives me the "isn't that haram" look.
I can't stand those witches because half of the time they're out doing something sneaky and shitty. Look don't aggravate me because I eat with my left hand(I'm a lefty,get over it, Allah did) or I'm a second late making Asr prayer.DO NOT JUDGE ME! Because I know you're that hijabi who's the immans daughter yet when he finds out what's on your face book profile he's sending you straight to Yemen.( for all of you in my area that's basically boot camp for he ones that get caught slipping...hehehe)

4.The roommate that never goes out AND is all about her studies
My motto is there is a time for work and a time for play.Don't kill yourself doing too much of one.

5.Nosy roommate
I'd never have a blog again because me and her would go at it and of course I WOULD WIN!!!!

6.Nasty Roommate

OMG I had the pleasure while I was at orientation to walk into a shower stall and find a used sanitary napkin STRAIGHT DEAD ON THE SHOWER FLOOR!!!!!!
For the love of god or whatever you worship don't do that!!ew ew nasty nasty cooties cooties for sure! I mean I can deal with a "organized messy" roommate because I'm the same way.But nasty with food a rodents crawling around.No,no,NO we will definitely have problems if that is YOU!

7.The NUDE roommate
Ok have you always noticed whenever there is a group of girls there is ALWAYS one who believes that she is sooo fine that even us females have to be blessed with watching her walk around practically STARK NAKED!I mean I'm down for wearing shorts and a tank while I'm in my dorm room area and stuff but I'm not stepping out the shower and prancing around the halls in my birthday suit.No Thanks I have my own boobs to look at if it's that serious. And the only thing I want to see closed with nothing on is a guy!

Well I'm sure that tomorrows roommate assignment will be all good insha.until then :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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