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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My lemonade is a little sour right now

So I'm currently experiencing the "college bum out phase". Its a period you go through where you sit down and think "How the hell did I get here oh and everyone is so much smarter than me".Side effects also include random crying sessions and the ice cream at the dinning hall becomes magically becomes the next best thing to coffee Hagen Daz. So I had to drop a math course. Failed the midterm and it was the worst grade I've ever made in my life. Literally. Not trying to sound like I'm a genius or anything but I've never done that bad. So I hop on the campus bus and mentality vow not to cry so I start listening to "Lemonade-Gucci Mane' because well that song is just stupid.period. Well the not cry thing last until I get off the bus and I walk down the main path through our campus bawling( glancing down at my phone pretending to text though whenever people pass by, I don't do public outbursts.) It also happened to be the day when my side of the hall was experiencing a "WE ALL ARE FREAKING HAPPY DAY". So I had to escape to my room and do the ugly cry. That including frantically cleaning my room because I clean when I'm upset.and organize my scarves :). Basically by the end of the day I've realized that first I didn't need the math course and my umi (who is the bomb) reassured me that it would better to drop the course than fail and really butcher my GPA. So here I am. Still bummed though. I miss kindergarten. All you had to do was play nice and eat a cookie. Life.


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