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Monday, October 11, 2010

Spazzed out on a stalker, 7-12 page Political Theory Essay but I just stare at the screen......#%%#$^%$#!!!


You probably won't meet a real one until you hit thirty.But by then they've already spent a whole lifetime perving after other women so what's the point. Sorry but today will be a negative post. An extremely negative post.

What is women ran the world?No I mean seriously not that bullshit with Wonder Woman wearing an outfit two sizes too small or sitting around singing "Girl Power" crap because personally I can't stand that stuff.(I dropped out of Girls Scouts if thats no surprise). What if Saudi was ruled by a queen? Would she sit around and let everyone in the world rob her of her riches or hold it as collateral until she got what she wanted. What if the guys at my college had to take "Men's Leadership" classes instead. Would the class teach them respect,dignity, and honor or would another jackass stand up there and talk about last weeks football game. What if Charlie Brown had been a girl?Well it would have taken over 40 years to kick the damm football. What if it was Alpha "female" instead of alpha male. Wait what does that even mean anyways? The king of fools? Or the fool is a king?

So a few days ago I had to cuss out this erratic Jordanian stalker guy who felt it was his birthright to follow a friend of mine around and pursue after her as if she was the last piece of meat on Earth. The piss taking fact is that as I stood there screaming chaotically at this complete waste of space (yes I said it and yes I meant it), you have these men who could knock me down with a sneeze watching me act like a complete lunatic. Oh yes I despise men. I despise them down to their screwed up chromosomes because at the end of the day they surprise you with conversations you'd never thought you have again( an old friend of mine had a complete convo with me a few days ago and it was relieving that yes, he's grown up, my work is done).

Its kind of crazy. We're living in a world with this big 'ol love/hate dynamic thing going on. If only I stopped meeting all the ones I hate.

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