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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Wickedness and my boys Mike& Ike

So now that I've found some time I decided to upload some pictures!!!! Lol I love to take pictures my friends know me well :). SO of course I have Mike and Ike's because they are awesome study snacks just make sure to brush your teeth afterward :) AS for the outfits, my university held a "MSA's Next Top Model" last week so these were my two outfits. The teal top has the cutest bow in the back and even though the back is open you can top it with anything underneath so its all good. Its "hijabi friendly" because it comes down to the knees and fashionista friendly because you can literally layer it with anything. The heels were rocked with black skinny's and my favorite part is hands down the earrings!!!! I love how they go with the scarf and almost everything else in my kaleidescope wardrobe. As for my little black dress since I could do a non-hajabi outfit I did rock this mini with nothing else but the accessories but it can work with a hijab as well. At a later event I threw on the top as well which has a really nice lacework going on in the back and my black skinnys and and my favorite Tahari heels. Accesories props to Forever 21. They have good stuff which is usually the same stuff you find in Express but at a way better price( even though I am an Express junkie as well. And there you have it I hope to be able to do more fashion post like these soon :)


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