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Thursday, August 19, 2010

***The Eid List***

Ok Its almost day 10 of Ramadan and I want to dream a little bit like I'm that little girl waking up on Eid morning to warm croissants in the stove and my mom waking me up.The excitement growing as I run to a pile of goodies(I remember my first goodie basket from Bath and Body,I thought I had died and gone to sugary sparkly lotion heaven).Oh how so many years have passed.Now I wake up to more people in the house ready to steal those awesome eid croissants and having to wake up earlier because *gasp! my only goody is an awesome Eid outfit :) well here's to Eid and many more to come inshallah:


Ok I would look very cute in that. I might even get off for speeding if I was in it too. The parents have one so why not me?Lets continue the family legacy eh?(my family laughed when they heard this line and directed to public transportation.*sigh)

2.Purple Manolo Blahnik's

Everyone drool with me please.enough said


I've always wanted to go.either that or Dubai.

4. Bvlgari
I want this to be engagement ring.No diamonds,no gold,just a plain platinum Bvalgari that too much to ask(yes hijabinista it is...)

5. You know all of theses things are awesome and would light up my eyes if they were in a small glittering pile on Eid morning however.....
1.I want to enjoy my freshman year to the fullest.
2.I want to learn Ukrainian from my new roommate(isn't that AWESOME!!!!)
3.I want to cook a dish without burning my residence hall down(um if you see that on the news my whole identity is totally exposed)
4. I want to stay true to myself
5.I want to stay true to my dean and treat others as I would want to be treated because all the glittery things are nice but the things that glitter the most in life are those who love you the most <3>
P.S everyone has been putting me to shame with their gawjus blogs so I'm experimenting and finding one that works for me.wish me luck!

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