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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reality's Reality and Fake is fake! :O

First week of Ramadan is over!Whoa time has definetly flown past pretty fast. Only a few more teensy weensy days untill COLLEGE hijabinista emerges:) SO...Sunday I watched Big Brother (obvi. i had nothing better to watch or this fast is really going to my head.).All I can say is these two shows are horrible excuses of entertainment. For example there's the whole Rachel and Brendon relationship( thank god she was voted out because I think my eyes would've rolled out of my head from listening to her ridiculous remarks.) Ok so Rachel and Brendon have fallen deeply,madly,passionatly,possesively,in love in a matter of.....30 days.30 DAYS! By day 30 these two individuals are totally ready to dedicate themselves to each other and claim to be each anothers soulmates.They validate this union by shoving each others toungue down their throats or throwing immature hissy fits with each other followed by yet another nauseating makeout session where cameras are VOILA! present. Give me a break. The only reason they've been dilillusionized with love is because well there's no one else around.I give them two hours in the real world.The point I'm making is BS you see on reality tv isn't reality.Its..well..BS. On that note whats up with all the sillicone implants?It seems like everywhere I turn around people *cough women are getting body parts enlarged to massive sizes. Has anyone noticed the increase in butt implants? I hate it when I see some women espcially when I go to Victoria's secrect(nothing against the store,I luv it there) and you can see these women who are obviously way too small for their own boobs!!! lolololololol no but seriously you'll find an A cupper who thought a nice 34B wasn't enough so she's implanted all this silicone to make DD's that are obviously weighing her down. I'm not against plastic surgery,only if you need it like breast cancer survivors, if you've had an accident, birth defect, etc. But just purposly going out and blowing up your body beyind porportion and punishing the rest of us in the world with having to see that almost everyday..DONT DO IT!I'M ALREADY SUFFERING FROM WATCHING CRAPPY REALITY SHOWS!!! .............................;)


    Okay, that is just ridonkulus.
    Reminds me of sappy Bollywood movies--some fall in love in a mere matter of THREE

    Also, here's a suggestion for the CRAPPIEST reality show: Jersey Shore.

    your welcome. ;)

  2. I watched it yesterday(again empty stomach,airy mind) and Snooki stole her hair hump from a CAMEL :)