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Sunday, September 26, 2010

They call it maturity, I call it I'm developing a character

One month of college alredy done. Wow I can't believe how time has passed already. Well I'm finally adjusted to the whole college life thing. I definetly had to organize what nights I'll stay out late and which ones are meant for studying and SLEEP( *note to high schoolers reading this, if you think you don't think you get enough sleep now wait until you get to college.) Another love that I have aquired is Bubble Tea. This ish is fabulous! I am a proud bubble tea addict. AS for college life I've gotten used to the dinning hall (fyi my uni has some awesome food, smoothie bar, organic salads, vegetarian options. take out, and the best of all....HALAL FOOD!), gotten used to the drunk people that roam around looking really lost on Friday nights, and the school work load. All of my classes have enourmous amounts of reading that I've had to get used to but overall I'll make it. Right? Okay now to the juicier and more random stuff in my life. So yesterday I ordered "The Almond" by Nedjma. Ok I had no idea that it was this erotic/confessional/autobiography of a muslim woman, someone had told me to read it. SO has anyone else read this book? Seriously oh and don't give me those *gasp looks "OMG you ordered erotica!!!". No, correction I ordered a book that is somewhat like my blog, a confessional however it isn't PG-13 and her focus is her sexual awakening while mine is about my life so far. So I should be getting this book by Tuesday and I will keep you all posted. Ah and my parents are getting what I call the "engagement itch". Ok maybe way more my mom than my dad. My dad would love me to lock myself away to some muslim convenant and never get mearried. That way his little girl will never grow up. My mom on the other hand would like to see her grandkids and have a reason to fill the photo frames we've had for ages. And I...........whoa don't want to be married, enagaged or anything of the sense right now. Um hello I'm just getting used to taking care of my own behind and it tires me out. I don't think I am stable enough to have to care for someone elses. And plus I'm way too much of a independent mind. Seriously I feel sorry who becomes "smitten" with me already because I have alot of faults and have no goals in the future to change that.

1: I don't cook

No seriously I don't go into a kitchen and VOILA!!!! wonderful rich and hearty cooked meal. No I go into the kitchen and the fire department comes over for their annual visit. Potential husband would have to be willing to cook. My choices have been narrowed to about a quarter of the elgible bachelors out there( they're chefs)

2: I'm not a gushy awww romantic type

Really. I'm not.I laughed through The Notebook. I cussed out Rose for being wimpy and weak and letting Jack die instead ( he was hot) in Titanic. My guy would have to dig deep down and find something that will spring a cord or jilt of "awww" into my non-romantic nerves because all the flowers and chocolate stuff does not work on me. I've narrowed my choices down to 30 men out of that quarter.( because nowadays all guys have to do is say a line from Twilight and voila they get the girl)

3:Umm i'm not having more than three kids, oh and they won't be "honey-moon" night kids either

Yh I love how guys want to have big families and all but um no. No,no,no,no,no my body my choice. The day that men know how much pain goes on down there from your first period until menopause then they can have all the kids they want. Plus once you have a kid in the realtionship you dont have that time anyomre to know each other. No honeymoon kids. Lets await 2 years or so. My choices have narrowed down to 3( Beacuase the rest of theses guys had mothers who wanted grandchildren by the time the wedding reception came around.)

4: I want to work

Why am I in college? Why would I have stressed myself out over SATS, scholarships, FAFSA, dorm life, books, tuition, ....and dthe list goes on. Only to sit up in the house all day and drink shai (tea) and look after my kids. No.absoluty not. Daycares need business and I'm willing to give it to them. We will both work. My husband and I. My college education will not only be good for a pretty diploma that will reside next to his Masters and PHD. Nope, not over my dead body.

My choices have narrowed down to one guy.(Because men have this whole ego thing where they wan to be the breadwinners in the family, no prob. keep doing that and what I earn will got to the SUPER FANTABULOUS LOVE IT LOVE IT SHOE FUND,...I'm joking i wouldn't do that lol :))

WHAT!!!THere is one guy left!SO there is hope for me! Oh inshallah I do hope there is that one guy out there who can get over my issues and loves me :) well now off to some way over-do homework :

FYI I'm loving these two songs....

Like a G6- of Far East Movement
Only Girl in the World- Rihanna :)


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