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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Life does things to you.....

Wow its been awhile since my last post.College is......dsjkfsd;kfhs; exactly I cannot pinpoint a specific word to describe this place.I truly believe I'm coming into this place as a girl and I will definitely leave as a woman. So with a few minutes to spare until my next class I guess I'll look back on the past week and a half. So I moved in on the weekend.I was so apprehensive and nervous about meeting my roommate because after checking her Facebook profile I was convinced we would have absolutely nothing in common(blah).And I was right.My Liberal Artsy save the world do your dam thing mind had nothing in common with my oxford studier Ukrainian Ballerina Performing Arts Yoga loving Hummus addict roommate.(I do like hummus though).But.....IT WAS OK!Omg we have learned so much from each other its crazy.I'm so glad I get to introduce her to my culture and Islam and that I'm learning so much about Ukraine and the things she's interested in.So roommate situation is all good :).The dorm rooms....well I'm glad I left half of my hijab collection back home because I barely could fit them in the five drawers in my bureau.Even though its a little cramped I will survive.I'm in an all womens dorm( yh because I was totally jumping out of my seat to be in a co-ed one) however we still have maintenance men and other girls who bring their "boyfriends" or "boys" who happen to be "friends" by to see their dorm and residential hall( which I personally think is lame because they all look the same but hey what do I know).So every morning I play shower Olympics and try to navigate my way past the maintenance men and other floating guys without losing my towel or shampoo.ahh what fun.The biggest blessing is that I've found 5 other muslimah's on my floor(AWESOMENESS!!!!) and we look ridiculously cute in our little prayer outfits for taraweh and when we wake up sleepy eyed for suhur.Al humdiilah thats been a blessing. So have I done anything crazy yet??I don't think so. Well if shisha in the gazebo in front of our residence hall doesn't count then yes I have been a good college girl. Well professor is here, hope I can update more later ................xoxox


  1. I love reading your fresh, so cool and funny too...well it is so-you.and i am loving it to bits. Keep writing and do stay in touch yea.