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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Please look at my intellect not my ass. Thank You.

So I had to take this Women's Empowerment course this semester. First thought. Crap. I don't want to take this. I really didn't. I mean I've never been the whole feminist empowerment lets go hit those men over the head type. There are certain issues like education and the role of women in the job force that I have several strong opinions about but overall I'm fine. A guy is more than welcome to pay the bill. Yes he may buy me everything that glitters and put in me in a decent house. Thats not greed. Its common sense. Anyways over the past few weeks that class I once considered silly has slowly crept up on me and *sigh its grown on me. I actually *GASP* enjoy the class. I think what has happen is that the message of what feminism is, is changing. No its not about burning your bras and letting your underarm hair grow ( but if that is your thing then go right ahead). No its about demanding and having respect from society while at the same time being you, a woman.

So the other day we watched "Telephone" by Lady Gaga



WITW (What in the world)

I mean seriously. This is the women that practically half or our nations adolescents look up to. A crazy woman in raw meat outfits parading around in the "Pussy Wagon". What kind of message does this get out into the world? I'm not some sort of prude believe me far from it but seriously are there are still artists out there who can give the public their does of sexy yet have a message at the same time. Look at Rihanna. Her song with Emmenim "Love the Way you Lie" Brilliant. First of all Megan Fox is in the video and she's hot. No joke. She is, its like a fact whether your male or female your can't deny she does posses the hot factor. Anyways Rihanna got the message ac cross while at the same time showing off her awesome legs for all of those people who couldn't live without seeing that sexy side of her. Overall I think her stuff is pretty good and at the same time she manages to retain some of her dignity. Lady Gaga on the other hand I don't get. I mena WHAT MESSAGE IS SHE GETTING OUT INTO THE WORLD!!!I mean I understand she has stood up for the LGBT community and I respect her for that. But other than that what has she really done? This woman is financially solid. What charities has she donated to? Why isn't she working for the United Nations Ambassador coalition? Why isn't she using her platform of influence and power in the world for a broader cause? In fact what is the point of Lady Gaga being present in the pop music world because as we all have seen from Willow Smith a ten year old could do this. I don't know. Lady Gaga pisses me off. period.

On to another topic....

He is a IDF solider and basically spoke at a university nearby to me. He claims that Israel's military notions are for a better Israel and Palestine. As a Baudouin Muslim AND solider in the Israeli army her is a "reformed Muslim"

Give me a fucking break.

Reformed Muslim my ass, please excuse my Arabic.The Israeli government has no interest in seeing an independently run ARAB Palestinian state. They have tried to pass a referendum to force at least 20% of the ARAB population residing or should I say captive in Israel to swear sovereignty to Israel and recognize it as a Jewish state. Its a Zionist state and of course Zionist run the world.Get used to it. Anyways it just infuriates me how this government can get away with stealing people homes and separating them from their own families. The crap going on in Iraq and the United States reason for invading is nothing compared to the genocide, yes I said genocide occurring in Palestine. It is a genocide when you cluster people in areas and deny them access to export and import goods. Its genocide when you steal their land, their sovereignty and then cry murder when Hamas retaliates. I'm am no supporter of terrorism don't get me wrong. I fully believe in fact that Bin Laden isn't a true Muslim and he is going to hell. Right along with Israeli politicians who have tried to eradicated Palestinians. Along with Bush who set up this country for decades of debt and woe for this stupid war in Iraq. I support my troops but this ha been carried on for way too long. Anyways this soldiers presence angered me and here I had to blab out on my blog. From feminism to politics. You never know what to expect with me. xoxoxo

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